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Jonathan Checler is a French-American artist, born in Paris and now living and working in Brooklyn, New York. In Paris, Checler studied stage design and stage direction which heavily influences his visual art practice today. In 2005 Checler moved to New York City. His work explores various mediums such as painting, sculpture, analog and digital photography, and live performance. Video-Projection is now his medium of choice as it incorporates all of those previous media in a new art form. 








Checler's artwork revolves around ideas of a human relationship to the Western societal experience.

It opens conversations about our human interactions with a constantly decreasing nature, the pillar of sexuality that guides us and is used to control us, the limits of the urban design we live in and passion as the life force that keeps us awake.

those last year he used video-projection as a medium to superpose onto city landscape, ephemeral imagery. Dispacing architectural vanishing points or opening fictional windows on new perspectives. The video sampling is used as a vibrant color palette, letting appear from that color abstraction, figures every once in a while.    


Jonathan Checler has exhibited in various spaces around New York City. In 2007, Checler was co-creator of the art collective The Band. In 2010 he became a founding collaborator of the art collective, The Violent Fluffers - with whom he still works.  Ryan Mulkey is a very important collaborator in those works.








Festival Jazz N' Ambleny, Vic-Sur-Aisne, France 2018

Projection-mapping onto the castle of Vic-sur-aisne during the 10 years anniversary of the Festival.


Stand For Hero/TBS New York Festival

Dima Production, Madison Square Garden Theater, NYC 2017-2018

Video Tech Management for the festival.


ModernSky Festival USA.

Dima Production, Summer Stage/Central Park, NYC 2017-2018

Video Tech Management for the artists of the festival such as Edison Chen, HHH, Re-TROS.


ocLOM theater mpagnie, NYC 2017-2018

Provide mapping and video support to the scenography of original plays.


BYOProjectors, Superchief Gallery, NYC 2017-2018

Video/Projection installation Residency



Interactive Video installation.

a scanner hooked up to a projector, come scan your face and see it immediately projected on 16x12 feet wall.


NO VACANCY, Alt-Esc print magazine release, Squat Gallery, NYC 2016

Interactive Video installation.

a scanner hooked up to a projector, come scan your face and see it immediately projected on 24x16 feet wall.


DSL Quicksand, Alt-Esc,  Kinfolk, NYC 2016.

Immersive Video/projection Installation.

Live VJ performance. 


"Post Real World", Stream Gallery, NYC 2016

Video/Projection installation.

Wood frames Sculpture, projected on from multiple projectors.

Various video work projected 24/7 for two weeks.  


“LILKoolLand”  Superchief Gallery Soho, NYC 2016

Collaboration with Lilkool, Paul Miller and Jonathan Checler

Custom made 50ft tall playable videogame projected on the exterior gallery building for the closing party of “Stimulationoverload2” group show


“What’s in Your Shadow?” Superchief Gallery Soho, NYC 2016

Multimedia projections installation

When the spectator generates a shadow on the screen, the shadow reveals another projection, creating the illusion of unveiling the darkness in our shadow


Performance, International Mapping Festival, Geneva, Switzerland  2016

Presented a VJ performance at the end of a three day workshop as a part of the festival


“Ghost Sculptures” Superchief Gallery, Brooklyn 2016

Multimedia projections rooted in complex architectural structures

Images derived from spaghetti westerns, “kitsch” movies, scramble pornography, and/or animal footage


“Encryption” Superchief Gallery, Brooklyn 2016

Collaboration with Miguel Ovalle on a three week art residency at the gallery

Multimedia projections on Miguel Ovalle grafitti sculptures


“The Happening III”  at Cloud City, Brooklyn 2015

Origami-like  shape video projections, sampling multiple video footage from western pop culture










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